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About Us

Source Fabrics is an innovative project with a passionate community of design and innovation in the fashion world. Through our brand customers are connected with renowned and young designers to have their needs met, they are often advised through these community channels. With our expertise in various fabrics and fibres like Cotton, Linen, Satin, Chiffon, Silk and Synthetics (and many more), we focus on providing the best customer experience!
At Source Fabrics we ensure transparency and reliability to our customers. We also believe in providing the best experience by being diligent with delivery and product quality. Our e-store provides a benefit of flexibility which allows our customers to choose from the variety of fabrics and includes a ‘No-Minimum Quantity’ policy and a ‘Get it Designed Yourself’ feature. Our retail and wholesale prices have been curated to align with the best competitive prices. Source Fabrics provides features which allows the customer to interact with our excellent customer support team to have their requirements met. To have a more personal and sensational experience while choosing and designing your Fabric, you can visit us at our offline store in Kolkata, West Bengal.
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